Petit St. Vincent, a Dot of Green in the Ocean Blue


Located at Petit St. Vincent Resort in the beautiful Grenadines. Jean-Michel Cousteau Diving Caribbean offers unparalleled access to some of the Caribbean’s best and most beautiful seascapes.

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15 Tips for Avoiding Seasickness


Why do scuba divers get motion sickness? It's because your feet are telling your brain that you're on solid ground, but you're really rocking and rolling on the high seas. Your brain gets confused; you get sick.

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2014 Club Holiday Lights Tour


These are the places we visited on the Greater Omaha SCUBA Clubs 2014 Holiday Lights Tour.

Nelsons Creek Drive, North West corner of 144th & Blondo.
Linden Estates, Between 132nd & 144th, Blondo and Dodge.
52nd & Wood River Drive, A few blocks south of Harrison
Lafeyette & Cedardale, Papillion (Single House)
8226 S 103rd St, (North Side, 82nd and Giles, LaVista)
8529 104th St, (South Side, 85th and Giles, LaVista)

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No more tanks?


An interesting article that may change the way we dive. New materials are being developed that absorb and release oxygen directly from water. That means you wouldn't need your scuba tank anymore. Just a small regulator with a tiny amount of this material. Think of the possibilities!

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Cozumel Pictures & Trip Report


Click on the link for some amazing underwater photography and a trip report by Jim Lyle who is a regular contributor on the forum at This is why I love Cozumel!

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Divi Flamingo Beach Resort in Bonaire Will Undergo Multi-Million Dollar Upgrade


The Greater Omaha SCUBA Club may have to plan a return trip once the upgrade is done.

Divi Resorts recently announced that it would undertake a top-to-bottom refresh of its Bonaire property, Divi Flamingo Beach Resort.

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