Motion Sickness

Do you tend to get queezy on a boat? Do you feed the fish when the waters get a little rough?

Scuba Diving Magazine has a great article on some good ways to prevent motion sickness.


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Hmm, the things I do aren't on the list of tips. I've found that when I start to feel queasy...
1. it helps me to look at something far away, preferably on the horizon. Looking down at the deck, or something stationary on the boat while my body feels motion makes it worse, looking at something far away seems to let my brain put the motion it feels into context.
2. I stand where the wind is blowing in my face, it works on a plane when I aim the air stream at my face, and it works for me on a boat.
3. I take deep breaths, somehow that helps.

By skipburrell
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Some great suggestions Skip! We will have to ask Skippy if any of them work on the next club trip. ;>)

By ScubaGal