Greater Omaha SCUBA Club Officer Nominations


Nominations are now open for Greater Omaha Scuba Club Officer positions. If you are interested in running for office or know someone that might be interested, please reach out directly to me with your/their intent to the following email:

Open positions are listed in this posting below. Job duty descriptions will be posted on our Facebook Page

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Scuba Diving Holiday Gifts


Most of the following items are small enough to fit in a stocking and are available for two-day shipping with an Amazon Prime membership like this underwater noise maker. Happy Holidays!

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Great Barrier Reef Shows Significant Signs of Recovery


Great news! After showing substantial signs of coral recovery at the Great Barrier Reef, over 300 scientists, engineers and marine tourism industry representatives gathered to discuss ways to support tropical coral reefs in the world’s warming climate.

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Reef-Safe Sunscreens You Need To Try


You can do your part by opting for one of these 15 reef-safe sunscreens, all of which meet criteria established by the Environmental Working Group.

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New Shark Species Discovered in Florida


In honor of Shark Week. The species, named Squalus clarkae, also known as Genie’s Dogfish, was identified from the Gulf of Mexico and western Atlantic Ocean.

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Ear-Clearing Issue leads to the ER


Save your eardrum - forcing the issue on a descent is never the right call.

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Can You Speak Scuba?


Communicating underwater with a regulator in your mouth isn't easy — that's where hand signals come in. Here are scuba diving hand signals every diver should know.

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10 Rules for Safe Scuba Diving


Number 9 is one of the reasons we dive locally - that and the post dive brat/hotdog cookout!

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