Climate Change and Coral Reefs

Bleached Corals

Whether or not the change is due to humans or not, it's causing severe damage to the worlds coral reef systems. As divers, this should be a huge concern.

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6 Easy Places to Scuba Dive with Sharks, Mantas and Other Big Animals


Seeing a Mola Mola is on my bucket list so I better look at booking a trip to Bali. Which of these is on your bucket list?

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22 Reasons to Dive Bonaire


I only need one reason to dive Bonaire - because the diving rocks! Frogfish, seahorses, and turtles, oh my! Looking to put together a club trip in 2020, who's in?

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GO SCUBA Club Annual Meeting


This great Akona Globetrotter Bag is just one of the items that will be available at the Chinese auction at the Greater Omaha SCUBA Club annual meeting on Saturday, March 24. Other items include sea themed home and wall décor, scuba accessories, and a scuba tank! Mark your calendar and watch your email for more details.

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Lost City of Octlantis


Have you ever vacationed in Octlantis? Apparently no one even knew it existed until recently.

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50 Ways to Challenge Yourself as a Scuba Diver


I know cage diving with sharks is on some Greater Omaha SCUBA Club member's bucket lists.

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Seven Tips for Diving in Low Viz


Learning to be comfortable in low viz will increase the range of sites where you can enjoy diving including local dive sites.

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Scuba Diving Hand Signals Every Diver Should Know


Communication is key for safe scuba diving. But with the second stage of a regulator in your mouth, it's hard to clearly convey a message to your buddy. That's where hand signals come in. Have you made up your own hand signals with your dive buddy?

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